Forwarding services and logistics à la mid-market:

fast and customized by a responsible partner near you


That’s our management philosophy. Forwarding services and logistics are our very vocation. Our executive partners have first learnt their business in a large corporation. After that, they have, however, elaborated international operating and professionalism in terms of our customers – by a good dose of proximity to our customers, highly appreciated by the latter, and well-known from mid-market companies.

Proximity to our customers, that’s what we do not only mean in a geographical sense. According to our understanding, logistics means that our customers should be able to obtain any information about the orders placed with us at any time, and that they are not unnecessarily „passed on“ in case of any questions. That is why our employees are fully dedicated to the handling of one specific customer order, i.e.: The complete forwarding process is provided by one source, no matter if it’s about order acceptance or customs clearance. Thus, our customers only have one single point of contact who is familiar with them and their affairs. And that is exactly what we show: customer identification.

Customer identification also benefits from the fact that there is a low rate of staff turnover. We are proud to say that our employees have been working with us for ten and more years. Most of them were trained at our group and taken on permanently on completion of their apprenticeship. That’s what makes us differ from systems providers and ensures that our company philosophy is lived by everybody:

We provide midmarket services for customers who need fastness, tailor-made solutions and a responsible Partner.